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Envision is a unique merge of two successful programs, Class Act and Dance Fusion.  Our expert instructors offer a wide range of dance styles and gymnastics techniques, catering to both recreational and competitive students. Whether your child dreams of becoming a professional dancer or simply wants to have fun and make new friends, Envision is the perfect place to learn, grow, and shine.



Dancers are encouraged to build relationships and friendships, as they develop their self-esteem. Being disciplined, respectful and hardworking are characteristics that ENVISION strives to develop in each dancer. 

Our group classes provide athletes with a structured and encouraging environment to learn and become their best. Each class is led by our experienced instructors who guide students through a progression of exercises, drills, and routines. Our curriculum caters to all levels and ages, ensuring that each athlete achieves their personal best while having fun and building lasting friendships.

Competition Teams

Private Lessons

Our competition teams are designed for individuals looking to enhance their training and achieve their fullest potential. Not only does our program create incredible athletes, but it also instills invaluable life skills such as grit, hard work, team work, and a positive mindset. Join our competition teams, and let us help you become a champion on the competition floor and a champion in life.


Our Philosophy at ENVISION is to enrich students in the art and joy of dance and gymnastics. We are beginning our 2nd season where we offer students of all ages and levels a high quality, well rounded education, in a family atmosphere. We maintain a reputation for holding to high standards in all areas of our dance and gymnastics training.

Dance Class
“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”

Maya Angelou

Teachers + Staff

Inside every dancer is a beginner that fell in love. 

It's a beautiful thing when career and passion come together.

Behind every dancer who believes in themselves is a teacher who believed in them first. 


Our amazing teachers

"Great dancers  are not great because of their technique they are great because of their passion"

Martha | Graham

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